Currently studying at Stockholms Tekniska Institut to become a Mobile Applications Developer.

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Apps made for mobile phones.

iOS/Swift - BPM Counter

I've made this app using JavaScript for web browsers, PhoneGap and Electron.js, in Objective C, JAVA (for desktop and Android) and now Swift. It's my slightly more advanced version of "Hello World". Tap the button and get the beats per minute. A JavaScript version can be found in the Web development section of this site.

iOS/Swift - Synth/recorder

This is a fullscreen piano with quick access to three octaves. Ability to record, save recording, play over recording, color and layout settings and two sound presets. Sound engine was made with AudioKit for low latency playback of samples. More sounds and features are coming aswell as a better video demonstration.

Demonstration video

iOS/Swift - Drum machine

Drum machine with four sounds. Sound engine was made with AudioKit.

Android/JAVA - Shopping list app

Here I focused on a nice user interface and good usability.

Demonstration video

HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Game

Plot: Save cats while avoiding zombies.

Cats and zombies are visible on the radar. The grid system shows the game mechanics and map with the player (blue), radar, cats (yellow) and zombies (red). The zombies are after you and will get you if you're not careful. Despite the simple nature of the game it is enjoyable.

All terrain is made entirely with CSS and is semi-randomly generated. If you're lucky you will find a magic mushroom in the forest...

As a bonus I made an original song for the soundtrack and recorded a cat and a zombie and made some other sound effects to set the right mood.

Source code on GitHub

Live demo (desktop)

Live demo (mobile)

HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Piano

A simple piano with a nice reverberated electronic sound. I took a picture of my digital piano and mapped the click areas using SVG polygons.

Live demo

iOS/Swift - Disco

A simple dancefloor app. Just place your phone on the floor and dance on it!